IFMC can decipher the jumble of data, throw out useless information, demand, request, find the right data so a comprehensive picture is created of what is really happening within our marketing campaigns.  That picture enables us to redirect funds into the right areas to get the utmost benefit from our marketing dollars.  Without their help, we would be spending money AND time on marketing vehicles that deliver little if any added sales to our company.
The biggest impact to my business is the insight IFMC has provided related to how my ARO and marketing ROI relates to each marketing channel, and how this insight guides me in making the adjustments needed either at the front desk, vendor level or investment amount.
IFMC goes above and beyond in helping my company with results that lead to the bottom line. They are consistently making improvements to strategically get better results for my company.
IFMC’s ability to coordinate our data from all marketing channels presents a clear and precise reporting structure. This is imperative to be able to properly know where we are spending our marketing dollars and why. We now can make educated decisions moving forward on our advertising spend.
I have been working with IFMC since 2017. In that time, they have helped me to better understand the digital marketing world and marketing in general. There is so much to learn and understand, each area is different in terms of what customers respond to.  I feel confident that I have a partner looking out for my best interest.